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High Quality 100% Virgin Brazilian hair.

Your search For high quality Hair Ends HERE. Miink Brazilian brand was created By Stylepro_kendrap.

With so many hair companies selling hair on Instagram I know its probably hard to make a decision on who to purchase from!
Everybody has good looking pictures.. It's hard to be able to tell from Instagram if it's really good hair for real or if they are faking the funk.. Well we aren't faking it, what you see is what you get.
I know how important is to have good quality hair that's worth every hard working dollar you earned. As a stylist I've worked with alot of companies, and from experience alone, I can touch a bundle of weave and im able to tell if it's mixed with fiber, if it will shed, or if it will tangle... So you can trust that I will never sell any hair that shed, or tangle.
We aren't selling hair just for money!
My goal is to be one your lifetime hair provider, that you can proudly refer your friends and family. I want to be that company you can always go to when all else fails and everybody else has let you down.. Shop Miink Brazilian! 100% LUXURY #longerlasting #silker #softer #better #affordable #notangle #noshed 

Miink Bundles

Miink Brazilian Straight texture (preorder)

$ 99.00

Miink Brazilian Body Wave (preorder)

$ 99.00

Miink Brazilian Deep Wave (preorder)

$ 95.00

Miink Brazilian Italian Curly texture (preorder)

$ 95.00

Stylepro Bling Flatiron, Hot Comb, & Dryer Trio

$ 249.99

Miink Deepwave 6 piece clip-ins

$ 110.00