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Experience next-level luxury extensions with Miink Brazilian Hair. Developed by renowned beauty expert Kendra P. 

Miink Brazilian hair offers unparalleled quality and shine. Perfect for special occasions or every day. Experience beauty and confidence like never before with hair that is sure to make a statement. It's a perfect choice if you are looking for reliable and lasting performance. Our bundles are quality-controlled to ensure longevity, & authenticity so that you can enjoy the same luscious and lustrous hair you saw on Instagram even after repeated use. Get the best value for your money!  

In addition to providing Luxury hair, Miink stands by their commitment to be a lifetime hair provider, offering a reliable source of quality hair to refer to friends and family. "The perfect choice when all else fails."

Miink Bundles

Miink Brazilian Straight texture

$ 105.00

Miink Brazilian Body Wave

$ 105.00

Miink Brazilian Deep Wave

$ 105.00

Miink Brazilian Italian Curly texture

$ 105.00

Miink Brazilian Natural wave

$ 105.00

Stylepro Bling Flatiron, Hot Comb, & Dryer Trio

$ 249.99

Miink Raw Wigs

$ 830.00


$ 8.00